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"Reusable Medical Device Cleaning And Disinfection Sterilization Verification" Solution


Medical device registration (NMPA) declaration requires the submission of cleaning and disinfection sterilization validation as research information.

In the past, this part was basically verified and provided by the enterprises themselves, which were limited by the test equipment, experimental environment, and lack of professional staff to study the regulations and standards. Often the research information provided was not perfect and even failed to pass the verification, which would significantly improve the probability of cross-infection brought by the products in the actual application in hospitals.


CCIC-HTW Medical Device Service - Reusable Medical Device Cleaning Disinfection Sterilization Validation Solution successfully reduces the risk of medical device manufacturers and protects people's life safety.

CCIC-HTW Medical Device Services

  1. Quality service leader in the medical device industry

  2. More than 20 years of experience in the medical device industry

    Together with manufacturers, technical experts, and evaluation teachers of local drug regulatory bureaus, we have conducted in-depth research on the use of hospital departments and put forward a series of cleaning and sterilization validation programs for reusable medical devices.

  3. So far, we have completed the validation service for 245 products

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