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Denjoy - ultrasonic tooth cleaning machine






The exclusive manufacturer for endo products since 2004 in China. Denjoy Dental Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer which dedicated to R&D, production and marketing of full line of endodontic equipment. It has a complete line of  production and inspection equipment for over 50000.


Products:  Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaning Machine



Product Category:

EU: class a

US: class

CHN: class II


Testing /Service capability:







And CFDA/NMPA registration in China.


TAT:  6-8 weeks


HTW Testing Comments :

1, the product is generally divided into internal and external two categories, for the internal product, only related accessories should be supplied during the testing or certification.

2. For these same series products with difference in appearance, should be tested separately.

3, Ultrasonic tooth cleaning machine with the same transformer and structure but different handles, the test items are different.

4. Different power supply has great influence on the test results. You can contact us for more details.


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