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CCC Certification (Compulsory)

About HTW Laboratory:

We will help you to obtain CCC certification in a short time and at low cost, which will help get your products to market faster, enabling more excellent sales and revenue potential overall. For technical regulation support, technicians at HTW are able to help you understand technical regulations and product design specifications. Communicate with our experts to determine your needs and we will provide you with a free evaluation, proposal and quotation.

Why need CCC Certification?

Electrical and electronic products, household electrical products, children's products, etc. into the Chinese market, according to the requirements of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, these products need to obtain CCC compulsory certification.

What is CCC Certification?

In December 2001, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China issued the Regulations for Compulsory Product Certification. The Compulsory Product Certification System began to replace the original Quality License System for Commodity Inspection and Safety Certification System for Electrical Equipment.

The abbreviation of China Compulsory Product Certification is CCC or 3C.  It is the statutory compulsory safety certification system and the basic approach to safeguard the consumers' rights and interests and protect the personal and property safety, which is adopted widely by international organizations.

China Compulsory Certification System came into force since May 1, 2002.  In accordance with the joint announcement No.38 [2003] by the State General Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China and the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China, the time for implementing the supervision and management of the market for compulsory product certification was decided on August 1, 2003.

The Products subject to Compulsory Product Certification covers 135 products divided into 20 categories, including household appliances, motor vehicles, motorcycles, safety glasses, medical devices, lighting apparatus, cables and wires...etc.  CQC is appointed to undertake the work of compulsory product certification for 17 categories within the CCC catalogue.

Email us if you have any questions or would like to consult an expert in our laboratory.

Why Choose Us?

The issuing agency of CCC is CQC, and CQC is a brand under our company CCIC. HTW Lab (Shenzhen HuaTongWei International Inspection Co., Ltd.) is a subsidiary of CCIC Group (China Certification & Inspection Group).We are the authoritative CCC certification service provider (third party laboratory) in China. 

HTW Lab, accredited by CNAS, CMA, CNCA & A2LA, consistently operates competently and generates accurate and valid results in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. We are also IECEE CB Scheme Test Laboratory (CBTL). Thus, testing reports from HTW Lab can be accepted between countries.


Your Benefits at a Glance:

1.20 Years of experience

HTW has extensive experience in all types of devices and regulatory requirements across markets. 

2.Provide free modification service

Together with our wealth of knowledge in complex regulations globally, HTW provides a complete suite of testing solutions according to your needs including free modification service.

3.Save time to global markets

With over 7,000 square meters of labs, HTW offers the best testing cycles and you don't have to wait in line, HTW offers 1-on-1 service.With our in-depth insight of global product quality and regulatory requirements, HTW can optimize your costs and minimize your time to market.

4.Complete qualifications

ISO/IEC 17025 lab, accreditated by CNAS, CMA,A2LA,GLP.

5.Competitve price

Located in China ,testing costs are lower than other labs.

    We're Here for You

    We're based in China but regularly work with clients globally. We will get back to you in 1 working day.


    You can also contact us directly by email.

    HTW Testing and Certification Solutions.

    The process of CCC certification can be simply divided into three main parts

    1. Provide required documents

    2. Provide samples for Type Testing (Conducted by an appointed laboratory)

    3. Factory inspected by qualified inspectors

    Service Procedure

    1. Provide us with product pictures, product brochures/manuals

    2. Determine your needs(test report purpose/ test itmes/ standards)

    3. Receive the testing/compliance service proposal and quotation 

    4. Sign contract and make payment

    5.Send samples (please contact us for address info.)

    6.Informed project opening and test TAT(turn around time) via email


    8.Draft report for your confirmation

    9. Formal reports endorsed by ILAC - CNAS (electronic version) 

    10.Sample Discard or Return

    Household and similar use equipment
    1. Domestic refrigerators and food freezers               

    2. Electric fans

    3. Air conditioners

    4. Household electric washing machine

    5. Electric water heater

    6. Indoor heater

    7. Vacuum cleaner

    8. Skin and hair care appliances

    9. Electric irons (including dry and wet type)

    10. Induction cooker

    11. Electric oven (portable grill, bread slice toaster and similar cooking appliances)

    12. Electric food processing apparatus (food processing machines (kitchen machinery))

    13. Microwave oven (frequency above 300MHZ)

    14. Electric stoves, cooktops, grills and similar appliances

    15. Range hoods

    16. Liquid heater

    17. Hot and cold water dispenser

    18. Electric rice cooker

    19. Electric blankets, electric heating pads and similar flexible heating apparatus

    Electronic products and safety accessories
    1. Total output power of 500W (rms) or less single speaker and multi-speaker active speakers

    2. Audio power amplifier

    3. Carrier for the built-in or external expansion type, such as CD-ROM, tape, hard disk, U disk, memory cards and other types of audio and video recording

    4. CCC catalog of speakers, audio power amplifiers and various types of carriers in the form of audio and video recording, playback, and processing equipment consisting of a combination of products

    5. Audio and video equipment supporting the power adapter (with charger / discharger)

    6. Various imaging methods of color TV receivers, TV set-top boxes

    7. VCR

    8. Electronic piano

    9. Microcomputer

    10. Portable computers

    11. Display devices connected with the computer

    12. Printing equipment connected with the computer

    13. Multi-purpose printing and copying machine

    14. Scanner

    15. Information technology equipment supporting the power adapter (including charger / discharger)

    16. Server

    17. Fax machines

    18. Cordless phone terminal

    19. Mobile user terminal

    20. Data terminal

    21. Multimedia terminal

    Lighting equipment
    1. Recessed lighting

    2. Fixed general lighting

    3. Removable general-purpose lamps and lanterns

    4. Aquarium lighting

    5. Power outlet mounted night light

    6. Ground recessed lamps and lanterns

    7. Ballasts for tubular fluorescent lamps

    8. AC electronic ballasts for tubular fluorescent lamps

    9. Discharge lamps (except tubular fluorescent lamps) with ballasts

    10. Discharge lamps (except fluorescent lamps) with DC or AC electronic ballasts

    11. Ballast

    Children's products
    1. Stroller products

    2. Toys

    3. Restraint for child occupants of motor vehicles

    Explosion-proof electrical
    1. Explosion-proof motor

    2. Explosion-proof electric pumps

    3. Explosion-proof power distribution device products

    4. Explosion-proof switch, control and protection products

    5. Explosion-proof starter products

    6. Explosion-proof transformer products

    7. Explosion-proof electric actuator, solenoid valve products

    8. Explosion-proof plug-in devices

    9. Explosion-proof monitoring products

    10. Explosion-proof communication, signal devices

    11. Explosion-proof air conditioning, ventilation equipment

    12. Explosion-proof electric heater products

    13. Explosion-proof accessories, Ex components

    14. Explosion-proof instrumentation products

    15. Ex sensors

    16. Safety grille products

    17. Explosion-proof instrument box products

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