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projector ce certification | projector ce emc report

A projector or image projector is an optical device that projects an image (or moving image) onto a surface that is usually a projection screen. Projectors are now widely used in companies, schools and other places. For projectors exported to the EU, CE certification is required to ensure that the product meets the EU safety certification standards!

Projector CE certification directives Projectors are electrical and electronic equipment. To ensure that products comply with EU standards, LVD and EMC directives must be used!

Projector CE certification standards

Some regulations and standards of projector LVD: EN 60950 information technology equipment. Safety. Commonly required tests include: marking and description, low voltage test, power cord tension test, insulation test, current test, safe point test, etc.!

The corresponding test items of the projector EMC regulations and standards are as follows:

EN55022 is radiation test and conduction test (conduction and radiation test)

EN61000-3-2 is a harmonic test (harmonic current test)

EN61000-3-3 is a flicker test (voltage fluctuation test)

EN61000-4-2 is an ESD test (electrostatic test)

EN61000-4-3 is RS test (radiation resistance test)

EN61000-4-4 is EFT test (fast pulse anti-interference test)

EN61000-4-5 is a surge test (surge test)

EN61000-4-6 is the CS test (conducted anti-interference test)

EN61000-4-8 is PFMF test (power frequency magnetic field test)

EN61000-4-11 is DIP test (pressure drop test)

The most common type of projector in use today is called a video projector. Video projectors are digital alternatives to earlier types of projectors (such as slide projectors and projectors). Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, most of these early types of projectors were replaced by digital video projectors, but some places still used old-fashioned analog projectors. The latest type of projector is a handheld projector that uses laser or LED to project images. If the ambient light is too strong, it will be difficult to see their projection. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the projector to ensure that the CE certified projector is recognized in the EU and even the international market!

Note: If you have a projector with wireless transmission function, you need to use the RED command! In addition, if necessary, products need to be tested and certified according to the RoHS directive!

Projector CE certification process:

Projector product certification application form,

Submit the technical information of the projector product,

The CE certification body evaluates and tests the content of the product,

The samples are sent to the testing institution for testing,

The test passed the issuance of the CE certificate.

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